JPP was invited by the college to design and install a canopy to cover the outside education zone where students practice their building trades. Intension was asked to develop and design panels to suit the customers steelwork,

JPP sent through the patterns from Tony Hogg Design and asked up to manufacture a canopy for Flying Bull Primary School. This was installed by JPP without any issues.

A private company asked us to design and manufacture three internal sails to compliment their stainless steel frame. The design and patterns were developed in house before be finished by our skilled workforce.

We were asked by Smiddereens to manufacture from their original tent design a completely new twin top. At a later date we were asked to manufacture another section to allow a triple top to be installed.

Intension were contacted by Thorpe Park to replace two canopies over their BBQ area. We sent a surveyor to site to complete a 3D scan of the canopy and using original data asked Tensys to pattern new canopies. Using Serge Ferrari materials we manufactured 2 new canopies and then arranged with Sam and Micky at Tensile Installations to erect them. Pictures to follow from a successful install.