We specialise in engineered fabric for interior uses which:

  • Offers flexibility and creativity in designing for maximum architectural impact combined with functionality.
  • Wide range of fabric or mesh and fixings available.
  • Wide range of fabric or mesh and fixings available
  • Applications include ceiling systems, blinds and screens, exhibition work
  • Health and Safety requirements can be covered.
  • Complete design, engineering, manufacture and installation packages.


  • Location: Birmingham
  • Client:  Centrica
  • Design: Watkins Gray International LLP
  • Engineering: Ingenu, Bath
  • Material:  Serge Ferrari Soltis 86 PVC mesh

Intension was commissioned to design and manufacture a stairwell safety net system with a view to stopping small items such as pens and mobile phones being dropped onto the cafeteria area directly below. It also served to screen off people using the staircase from the cafeteria seating area.

The panels were specifically designed to be loose enough to absorb the impact of falling objects.  This requirement, together with the geometry of the sail, made the patterning of the fabric unusually difficult, but Intension and Ingenu were able to come up with a flexible and innovative response to these design difficulties.  The end result was this attractive entrance foyer design feature.

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