• Offers flexibility and creativity in designing for maximum architectural impact combined with functionality.
  • Wide range of fabrics and fixings.
  • Applications include smoking shelters, sun shading, walkway systems, roof and canopy structures.
  • Complete design, engineering, manufacture and installation packages.

London Nautical School

  • Location: Grenwich, London
  • Client:  Aura Custom Solutions Ltd
  • Design: Aura Custom Solutions Ltd
  • Engineering: Aura Custom Solutions Ltd
  • Material:  Serge Ferrari 1002 White

Intension was commissioned to fabricate this 25m long walkway located adjacent to the London Nautical School which is housed in an attractive listed building designated as being of Grade 2 special historical interest.  

A good example of an innovative approach using a standard product – namely a 5m x 5m conical structure – inverting the design and then using multiple components (in this case 5 cones) to create a stunning feature walkway.


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